The Moroccan Fulbright Alumni Association Announces Its 2020 Virtual Conference:
“Education, Economy, Environment & Health during & after covid-19: Morocco New Challenges in a Changing World” In light of on-going developments with COVID-19 and after thoughtful discussions with our Board and our collaborators, MFAA has decided to move our 2020 Conference to a fully online, virtual experience that will take place on Thursday & Friday [...]

MFAA Past Events

International Conference, 01/07/2013 MFAA, Fulbright & American Embassy

International Conference hosting Honorary Council, American Embassy & Fulbright Director, 17/03/2015

4th International Conference USA-Morocco, 05/01/2016 Ministry of Education, Ministry of Family, US Embassy, University of Texas at Austin

MFAA Mini-Talk, Guest Mr Ahmed Abbadi, General Secretary of Rabita Mohammedia des Oulama 10 Mars 2018

International Colloquium partners: UH2C, Univ Paris 8, Univ Bologna, MFAA, Fulbright, 26-27/04/2018

Community Action in Lycee Ibnou Hani, Casablanca

Community Action Ghazza School, Berrechid City

MFAA Mini-Talk, Guest Mr Abdelhak Bassou, ex General Security of Morocco 23/06/2018

CRMF Teaching of Trainers, 30 Juin 2018

MFAA Mini-Talk, 07 JULY 2018, Guest James Miller

Community Action, Ben Nabt School, Oct 2018

International Colloquium, 14-15/12/2018 MFAA, Fulbright, American Embassy, Univ of Texas, Univ of Bologna, Univ Paris8, MAP London, UM6SS

Ecole Primaire Aicha Assidiquia

MFAA WEBINAIRES LE 26 JUIN 2020, CESE, IMRI Think Tank, Univ Paris, Ex minister d’habitat, Former Minister of Guinée Bisseau

MFAA Webinair Le 21 Juillet 2020 Président de l’Univ Hassan II, Arkansas writer, IMRI, Institute of policy Analysis, USAID, Univ Paris, International Attorney

Conference International Fulbright MFAA2020 Le 04 Décembre 2020 Dir Ens Sup, President de MACECE, UH2C, Louisiana University, University of Texas at Austin, Texas Medical School, Indiana State University, Lake Forest Illinois, Colle of Charleston S. Carolina, AlAkhawayn University