The Moroccan Fullbright Alumni Association Announces Its 2020 Virtual Conference

  • Date & Time:
    • March 12 - 13, 2021

“Education, Economy, Environment & Health during & after covid-19: Morocco New Challenges in a Changing World”

In light of on-going developments with COVID-19 and after thoughtful discussions with our Board and our collaborators, MFAA has decided to move our 2020 Conference to a fully online, virtual experience that will take place on Thursday & Friday 3 & 4 December 2020. We believe this is the safest approach for the well-being of our global audience and we are excited that a virtual event makes it possible to broaden the learning opportunities and engagement with distinguished speakers of local and worldwide expertise at this time.

Many parts of the world are currently undergoing rapid changes mainly after covid-19. Global economies are transforming, the planet’s landscapes and climate are rapidly changing, and many places across the globe are experiencing shifts in demographic and educational patterns. Morocco, located at the nexus between Africa, the Middle East and Europe, is uniquely positioned to both observe and experience these changes. And yet, as a society steeped in a rich culture and a history that dates back thousands of years, it is not the first time that Morocco has experienced these significant shifts.

This conference will explore how global changes in education, economy and environment are impacting Morocco, and how Morocco can successfully and appropriately respond to these changes. What will be the impact of changes in global climate, global energy use, and biodiversity on Morocco’s landscape and the people and economies that depend on it? How will changes in global trade, industrialization and agriculture impact Morocco economic spheres? And how are these changes transmitted to the next generation of Moroccans to ensure a diverse and inclusive future?

This conference will gather scholars, students, teachers and thought leaders from the academic, scientific, governmental and business communities across Morocco. We seek presenters and participants who understand Morocco’s culture, history, education and economy, as well as its land, air, and waters, and their relationships to the region and the planet. To help ensure stimulating discussions, the conference seeks an expansive range of perspectives by actively inviting a diversity of ages, experiences, and professions.

Panel Discussion Topics:

1. Economic Patterns in a Shifting Global Economy: Linking Sustainability, Diversity and Prosperity

2. Educational Trends and Reform in Morocco: Creating Inclusive and Successful Generations

3. Rapid and Recent Environmental Change in The Mahgreb: Impact and Implications for Communities, Infrastructure and Ecosystems.

4. How covid-19 forces change in our habits; mental health status in the U.S. & Morocco

Attendees will be able to participate virtually in vital conversations in the four panels around Economy, Education, Environment and health. Our speakers and attendees will be able to partake in interactive and engaging experiences through various platform (Zoom; Facebook or directly writing questions to

The conference agenda will be spread out over two days to ensure that content is delivered in more specialized segments. Our joy is when speakers and attendees will agree on reducing human suffering through a long-term collaboration with decision makers and various stakeholders.

We are happy to see you among us.

Best Regards,

MFAA President

B. Touri

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