Adnane Labbaci

Adnane Labbaci has studied forestry at the National School of Forestry Engineers and holds a PhD in GIS and remote sensing from the University Ibn Zohr of Agadir in Morocco. After earning his diploma, he has worked for twelve years in the High Commission of Water Forests and Combating Desertification of Morocco, implementing government decisions on forests and watershed management, desertification mitigation and climate change adaptation. In addition, he has developed a regional geospatial database to establish baselines for forest ecosystems assessment and methodology to combat desertification. He has worked as a chief of the GIS and Remote Sensing Bureau, Desertification Bureau and Partnership Office.

His professional interests are in research for sustainable development of natural resources especially forest ecosystems, combating desertification, partnership and climate change adaptation and mitigation.

He has spent one year and a half at UC Davis in California, USA. During his fellowship year with the Humphrey Program, he has learnt more about monitoring climate change effects on natural resources and geospatial processes to improve the sustainability of forests, in order to sequestrate carbon and mitigate climate change effects in the southern and western regions of Morocco. Specifically, He has earned more technical experience in web mapping, climate change modeling and developing partnerships with international organizations.

Actually, he is an assistant professor at Ibn Zohr university, Faculty of Sciences, Geology department teaching GIS and remote sensing, and supervising master and PhD thesis and coordinating many projects at the Faculty and the University related to earth observation and spatial data infrastructures.

  1. National Academy of Engineering
  2. Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
  3. American Society for Engineering Education
  • Research, teaching, and public service, honorary doctorates
  • Benjamin Garver Lamme Medal of Engineering Education
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers

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